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October 3rd, 2023     

Reduce Your Body Age

Richard Earle, Ph.D.
David Emrie, M.D.
with Rick Archbold

"Reduce Your Body Age" [RYBA] is our complete at-home Body Age stress control program in easy-to-use workbook format … 331 pages including …

3 all body age and stress self-tests

3 how to create and then work with your personalized profile

3 detailed, step-by-step training in your most important Vital Skills

3 your four-week Start-Up program, plus your Action Diary

RYBA was originally published by Warner Books [1990], then revised and published by Time-Life Books [1994] and most recently updated for use in the Institute’s preventive medicine and workplace programs.

The Autogenic Relaxation cassette tape … On Side "A" (20 minutes) you will find hands-on insights into how autogenic relaxation works so powerfully for immediate deep relaxation anywhere, any time, plus how to use Autogenic Technology … combining autogenic relaxation, affirmations and visualization … to reprogram new habits and attitudes, plus healthier, more efficient functioning in all body systems [heart, immune, digestive, neuromuscular, etc.].

Side "B" (11 minutes) teaches you, in just 4 or 5 sessions listening to the tape, how to master autogenic relaxation … so you can precisely control your own "stress accelerator" before, during and after any high-stress situation. Caution — Do not listen to this tape while driving your car.
Reduce Your Body Age

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