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July 22nd, 2024     


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The Career Management Profile (CMP) was developed by the Self Management Group (SMG), a privately held group of companies specializing in the use of psychometric tools for the selection, development, career planning and retention of key people in careers where high performance is essential and high stress is often a common factor.

This profile will provide you with key insights into yourself and your personal strengths as you make important career decisions. Your natural suitability to a specific career can be evaluated in advance as well as any developmental needs before you make the commitments that you will have to make to succeed in your chosen career. Using this information as part of a focused research and information gathering process will help you make your career decisions.

This profile is a normative psychometric tool that provides an assessment of your personality traits as compared to the general public and then relates them to job families and career paths that could be good fits for you. This assessment will help you understand the relationship between your personal strengths and the profile of individuals in a wide variety of career paths.

If you are planning your career, changing jobs, entering or re-entering the work force or developing your training/educational needs, this can be a very valuable process. By understanding how well you fit a specific career path and what you would have to do to succeed in that career you have a distinct advantage that will help you focus your efforts and energy more effectively.

Career Self Management Profile

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