CorporateVitalSigns™ (VitalityPro)

Strategic Diagnostics for to:
  • Improve Employee Engagement and Vitality
  • Enhance Corporate Vitality

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    I. Executive Summary1
    II. Overview of Corporate Vital Signs2
    III. Factors and Items3


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    I. Executive Summary
    The Corporate Vital Signs report is a summary of the factors involved in an Engaged workforce. The results contained herein are based on individual responses to the VitalityPro completed by people within your organization. All of these factors are scored on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is Poor and 5 is Excellent.

    IndexMean ScoreFrequency Distribution
    Overall Corporate Vitality Index
    The Overall Corporate Vitality Index is a composite score based on the Work Engagement, Work Environment, Personal Vitality and Lifestyle Vitality Indices.

    Work Engagement Index
    The Work Engagement index indicates how the work force is dealing with stress, job satisfaction and commitment to their jobs.

    Work Environment Index
    The Work Environment index provides an indication of the workforce attitudes about the work environment and how it supports their work and career goals.

    Personal Vitality Index
    The Personal Vitality Index provides an indication of the level of vitality of individuals within the work force and how they deal with the issues of body-mind wellbeing, controlling stress and worry, feeling fulfilled and level of satisfaction in relationships.

    Lifestyle Vitality Index
    The Lifestyle Vitality Index assesses how the work force is being affected by these key factors in their lifestyles: work, family, friends and personal development.

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    II. Overview of Corporate Vital Signs
    In the following pages, the Corporate Vital Signs report looks at the key Indices that comprise the Overall Corporate Vitality index. Each of the Indices also consists of sub indices that are then broken out by how the different groups within the organization responded. The following table shows the factors that comprise each index:

    Index Frequency Distribution Factor Mean Score Page
    Work Engagement
    Work Stress2.4 3
    Work Satisfaction 3.2 4
    Commitment to Job 3.6 5
    Work Environment
    Organizational Communication3.4 6
    Pay & Benefits 3.6 7
    Career & Skills Development 3.4 8
    Challenge & Reward in Work 3.9 9
    Manager's Style 3.7 10
    Recognition & Respect 3.6 11
    Cooperative Culture 3.6 12
    Co-workers 4.1 13
    Expectations 3.3 14
    Personal Vitality
    Body-Mind Wellbeing3.1 15
    Fulfillment 3.4 16
    Control of Stress 3.5 17
    Worry Control 3.3 18
    Interpersonal Satisfaction 3.4 19
    Lifestyle Vitality
    Work3.0 20
    Family 3.3 21
    Friends 3.3 22
    Personal Development 3.7 23
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    III. Factors and Items
    The following pages contain the factors that make up key indices that comprise the Overall Corporate Vitality index. We recommend you examine the specific items in each of these factors that need to be addressed in order to improve corporate vitality.

    FactorMean ScoreFrequency Distribution
    Work Stress
    The extent to which the workforce experiences the stress in their jobs as either energizing or draining their performance and personal wellbeing.


    Item Item Responses
    11. I am able to keep a cool head when things get hectic at work.
    0 1 3 8 4
    16. I rarely worry about things which are out of my control.
    1 3 2 6 4
    21. I am able to stay focused on getting my work done.
    0 3 1 10 2
    26. I believe most of the pressures I'm under at work are well justified.
    0 1 5 8 2
    28. I look for the pluses in difficult or negative situations.
    0 0 3 12 1
    32. I am generally optimistic that I can find a solution when I run into problems at work.
    0 1 2 6 7
    1. I am frequently irritable or tired.
    1 6 2 5 2
    5. I am experiencing more minor health problems (e.g. colds, flu, headaches) recently.
    5 6 2 3 0
    9. I have a hard time staying focused on the work I am doing.
    3 7 3 3 0
    20. I frequently feel pessimistic when future workplace changes are discussed.
    3 8 2 2 1
    29. I spend more time and energy than I would like on worry and the rumor mill.
    4 9 2 1 0
    34. I feel I am working under unreasonable pressure.
    5 4 3 4 0