The Vital Corporation
June 18th, 2024     

Training & Certification of Corporate Vitality Coaches CVC(c) by
The Selye - Toffler Academy

We have partnered with Alvin Toffler and the Hans Selye Foundation to form the Selye – Toffler Academy. Integrating management and behavioral sciences, the Academy is dedicated to research and resolution of the challenges to personal and corporate performance now faced by corporations globally … as originally forecast by Dr. Toffler’s landmark book, The Adaptive Corporation (1985). The Academy has been training and certifying workplace professionals in North America and Japan since June, 2000.

Training Curriculum ... 4 in-residence days training + follow-on online coaching for trainees
  1. Principles and dynamics of personal & corporate Vitality ... as corporate assets to be managed
  2. Monitoring and evaluating personal & corporate Vitality ... SWOT strategy and Vital Corporation tools
  3. Maintaining evergreen Vitality indicators ... keyed to changing situations and business aims
  4. Indicators, early warning signs, and patterns of Vitality dysfunction
  5. Principles --> selection, planning and launching an intervention
  6. How-to training in our core intervention methodology** ... collaborative problem solving improved Vital Signs for teams, corporate divisions, or individual employees
  7. Six (6) intervention “projects” ... per Overview below ... supported by case studies Applying the core methodology flexibly
  8. Managing Vitality “projects” ... macro micro
  9. Managing the Coach role continuous & cumulative value-add for corporation
    • Setting boundaries & expectations
    • Alliances
    • Growing the role strategically
    • Integrating the role
    • Tracking, evaluating & communicating results
** The Vital Corporation has extensive experience training corporate trainers, coaches and HR staff in how to flexibly apply its modularized, flagship program, “Making Change Successful” (MCS) in three formats ... for briefings / presentations, group-based training, and in one-to-one coaching.

Core Corporate Vitality Interventions ... Overview
Service provided (A) Protect strengths (B) Build and focus strengths (C) Resolve problems
Client served
1. Corporate team, program or division
2. Consultative with ...
(a) mgrs./exec. team
(b) support depts (HR++)

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