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July 21st, 2024     

Webinar # E101 ... The Work - Family Juggling Act

What’s a “Webinar”?

Respecting people’s busy schedules, all presentation / facilitation, plus exercises for self-discovery and skill development, and (optional) two-way class discussion are held by voice & video-over internet conferencing. Employees can take this course from the comfort of their home, or office ... in convenient hours pre-scheduled by CVC with your company. Once you have signed on for a set number of employees, the brief preparatory reading, and self-discovery exercises are available to them for easy downloading at our dedicated web site.

Entered by password, webinars are accessible from any location in North America or Europe having high-speed internet access.

Core Message in this course: Fatigue, family or marital issues and “There’s no time for me” are three common complaints in today’s business world … Often they’re closely related … There just isn’t enough time or energy to make ends meet. Short of having yourself cloned, something’s bound to get short shrift. And, it’s usually personal or family life. Work is often the easy winner.

Fortunately, radical lifestyle surgery typically isn’t required. Our “Work – Family Juggling” course will help you stand back, see the big picture and then make several small, personally strategic changes to achieve the balance you want in your stressful world.

Benefits for you: Dr. Earle will teach you how to ...
  1. Gauge both (a) the overall level of stress in your family life and (b) the extent to which that stress is being caused by the work~family juggling act.
  2. Map the role played in your “juggling stress” by each of the top 12 stressors ... in both work and family life.
  3. Target the two or three manageable changes you are truly motivated to make in how you allocate your time and energy between work and family … small changes making a big difference.
  4. Understand three psychological factors which drive much juggling stress, and how you can change them for the better … then and there in the teleclass.
  5. Think outside the box about lifestyle juggling itself ... freeing yourself from old assumptions and habits which are likely handicapping your true potential as a juggler.
  6. Sketch your own personalized Self-Portrait of what satisfying work~family balance would look like for you as a truly unique person ... putting aside what balance means for the “average person”.
  7. Further increase your personal and family life satisfaction by as much as 30% ... without making any changes in where you spend your time.
  8. Free your mind and emotions from work concerns so, when you arrive home, you can be fully present (not just 50%) ... fully able to create and share the specific satisfactions you are looking for with your family.
  9. Three simple steps to share what you’ve learned with your life partner(s), easing their stress ... not to mention yours.
How the course works

Dr. Earle will guide you through these five proven steps ...
Richard Earle --
  1. Recognizing, in a factual not judgmental way, where you now stand in your present balance between work and family
  2. Understanding how, by making only several small changes, we can make a big difference in the juggling stress and satisfactions we experience
  3. Getting motivated by clearly sketching, perhaps for the first time, what a better, achievable balance would look and feel like for you as a unique person
  4. Learning the practical steps you can take ... and how to take them in a way that your life partner(s) will want to support
  5. Action ... a four-step process to master your new skills, making them second-nature for you in four weeks
Course modules ... Class schedule ... Cost of the course ... & How to register

Modules This course involves two 2-hour Modules [4 hours to complete the course]
Schedule Modules are scheduled to best fit with employees’ availability.
Cost The course fee is $190.00 for each of 10 or more participants [Cdn. currency, all taxes included] which covers class instruction plus all materials outlined in “What’s a webinar?” (above).

How to learn more … and then register your employees for the benefits of
“The Work – Family Juggling Act” ...

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