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June 18th, 2024     

Webinar # E102 ... Clarifying Your Values and Goals

What’s a “Webinar”?

Respecting people’s busy schedules, all presentation / facilitation, plus exercises for self-discovery and skill development, and (optional) two-way class discussion are held by voice & video-over internet conferencing. Employees can take this course from the comfort of their home, or office ... in convenient hours pre-scheduled by CVC with your company. Once you have signed on for a set number of employees, the brief preparatory reading, and self-discovery exercises are available to them for easy downloading at our dedicated web site.

Entered by password, webinars are accessible from any location in North America or Europe having high-speed internet access.

Core Message: This vital life skill boils down to a simple, four-step process:
  1. Get in touch with your basic values.
  2. Identify concrete ways in which you can express these values more frequently in your life – these are your “valued experiences” … the things you really love to do in your work and in your personal life.
  3. Prioritize and plan. Prioritize your valued experiences; identify your opportunities to enjoy some of them more often; then plan for specific action to take advantage of at least one of these opportunities in the coming week.
  4. Take concrete action by introducing valued experiences into your life (small, specific concrete changes that reflect your core values).
Values / goals clarification emphasizes the process, not the end result. Getting there is at least 95 percent of the satisfaction … and delivers 100 percent of the benefits.

Benefits for you: Here in summary are the benefits you’ll experience …
Dr. Earle will teach you how to ...
  1. Discover your most fundamental life values … in personal and family life, in work and career, and in your re-creation
  2. Set and prioritize short and longer term goals expressing your core values
  3. Assess your strengths and shortfalls in expressing, fully living your values
  4. Evaluate how you spend your time and energy against the backdrop of your values
  5. Distill your values into a personal coat-of-arms
  6. Identify then overcome habits and other obstacles to acting on your values
  7. Use new, unfamiliar situations to learn more about what you truly value
  8. Translate your values into targeted opportunities for more day-to-day satisfaction
  9. Target the two small things “I can do today to make it a great day no matter what else happens”
  10. Stay focused, concentrating on one satisfier at a time, actively mining the full satisfaction each situation has to offer
  11. Deepen your enjoyment of a satisfying situation after it is over
  12. Make your satisfaction add up from day to day
  13. Help others to become aware of, and to more fully enjoy their satisfiers
How the course works

Dr. Earle will guide you through these five proven steps ...
  1. Recognizing what you, as a unique person, value most and how, over time, your values have probably changed …in work, re-creation and family life
  2. Understanding how daily actions that express your values are your #1 resource for stress control … and slower aging
  3. Getting motivated by actually feeling the day-to-day benefits of making your “personal coat of arms” your compass in stressful decisions and circumstances
  4. Learning step-by-step methods for moving from clear values to making each day a more deeply satisfying and strengthening experience
  5. Action … a four-step process to master your new skills, making them second-nature for you in four weeks
Course modules ... Class schedule ... Cost of the course ... & How to register

Modules This course involves two 2-hour Modules [4 hours to complete the course]
Schedule Modules are scheduled to best fit with employees’ availability.
Cost The course fee is $190.00 for each of 10 or more participants [Cdn. currency, all taxes included] which covers class instruction plus all materials outlined in “What’s a webinar?” (above).

How to learn more … and then register your employees for the benefits of
“Clarifying Your Values and Goals” ...

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