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July 22nd, 2024     

Webinar # E103 ... How to Relax

What’s a “Webinar”?

Respecting people’s busy schedules, all presentation / facilitation, plus exercises for self-discovery and skill development, and (optional) two-way class discussion are held by voice & video-over internet conferencing. Employees can take this course from the comfort of their home, or office ... in convenient hours pre-scheduled by CVC with your company. Once you have signed on for a set number of employees, the brief preparatory reading, and self-discovery exercises are available to them for easy downloading at our dedicated web site.

Entered by password, webinars are accessible from any location in North America or Europe having high-speed internet access.

Core Message in this course: In “How to Relax” we teach you a range of conscious relaxation techniques that you can use to relax at will and to perform better, both in difficult, high-stress situations as well as in quiet times for long term benefits. As you lower your day-to-day stress level – and reduce your tendency to go into the danger zone of over-stress – you’ll be more in control, perform better, and you’ll experience less fatigue.

Relaxation skills directly address the area where Worry Warts and Speed Freaks are most inefficient in dealing with stress and so are most susceptible to accelerated aging. These are people who continue to expend stress-energy long after a threat, challenge or opportunity has passed. They neither fight nor flee; they just stay revved up. Typically, they are also people prone to overdosing on stress, operating in almost continuous overdrive.

Benefits for you: Here in summary are the main benefits of “How to Relax”

Benefits for you: Here in summary are the benefits you’ll experience …
Dr. Earle will teach you how to ...
  1. Tap into, and then let calming emotions flow
  2. Feel physically centered, in control again
  3. Set your own emotional tone and pace … how to “down shift” from high to low tension
  4. Move quickly into a state as relaxed as the sixth hour of sleep
  5. Purge fatigue acids from your body, quickly getting your second wind after a hard day
  6. Restore concentration and focus
  7. Break free from wheel spinning worry
  8. Restore and harness the power of your creative, intuitive mind
  9. Focus on tense or aching muscle groups and think relaxation into them
  10. Master aggressive or angry emotions
  11. Reduce musculoskeletal pain by from 30 to 50%
  12. Trigger your immune system to heal more quickly, or to prevent impending sickness
How this course works ...

Dr. Earle will guide you through these five proven steps ...
  1. Recognizing your own unique pattern of, and needs for relaxation
  2. Understanding how relaxation works, the underlying principles you can apply anytime, anywhere
  3. Getting motivated, sketching your personalized self-portrait as a master of relaxation
  4. Learning simple-yet-powerful methods ... plus when and how to apply them for immediate results in your situation … and
  5. Action ... a four-step process to master your new skills, making them second-nature for you in four weeks
Course modules ... Class schedule ... Cost of the course ... & How to register

Modules This course involves two 2-hour Modules [4 hours to complete the course]
Schedule Modules are scheduled to best fit with employees’ availability.
Cost The course fee is $190.00 for each of 10 or more participants [Cdn. currency, all taxes included] which covers class instruction plus all materials outlined in “What’s a webinar?” (above).

How to learn more … and then register your employees for the benefits of
“How to Relax” ...

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