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June 18th, 2024     

Webinar # E104 … Win-Win Communication

What’s a “Webinar”?

Respecting people’s busy schedules, all presentation / facilitation, plus exercises for self-discovery and skill development, and (optional) two-way class discussion are held by voice & video-over internet conferencing. Employees can take this course from the comfort of their home, or office ... in convenient hours pre-scheduled by CVC with your company. Once you have signed on for a set number of employees, the brief preparatory reading, and self-discovery exercises are available to them for easy downloading at our dedicated web site.

Entered by password, webinars are accessible from any location in North America or Europe having high-speed internet access.

Core Message in this course:
  1. When boiled down to its essence, self-affirming communication means having the courage to reveal to others who you are and what you want
  2. Effective communication is an essential root of all satisfying relationships … and stress control in work and personal life
  3. Communication is a two-way street: it means both expressing yourself assertively and listening actively
  4. Most of us have many self-defeating communication behaviors or styles. These can be replaced by self-affirming and Win~Win communication skills
Benefits for you from “Self-Affirming Communication” … in work as well as personal life:

Benefits for you: Here in summary are the benefits you’ll experience …
Dr. Earle will teach you how to ...
  1. Sketch, then explore and develop your Self-Portrait of who you want to be [and be known as] in key relationships … in both personal and work life
  2. Act and feel more and more like your self-affirming self
  3. Identify strengths and stumbling blocks in your relationship style
  4. Foresee and then sidestep the most frequent communications traps
  5. Get others to truly open up and reveal their needs and motivations to create a mutually respectful, energizing relationship
  6. No-gotiate when you want to say “No”, but feel you can’t or shouldn’t
  7. Get more of what you want by helping your relationship partners to get more too … Win~Win always works better
How this course works ...

Dr. Earle will guide you through these five proven steps ...
  1. Recognizing your unique relationship style … and how greatly it impacts the satisfactions and the stress you experience
  2. Understanding that your Self-Portrait of what you expect for yourself, and from yourself, directly impacts how enjoyable or stressful your relationships are
  3. Getting motivated by seeing how just several small changes in how you manage each key relationship can increase its satisfaction … and/or reduce its stress … by at least 30%
  4. Learning the four commonsense skills that will make the difference, for breaking out of old self-defeating habits and, then, for creating the win~win experience you’ve been looking for
  5. Action … a four-step process to master your new skills, making them second-nature for you in four weeks
Course modules ... Class schedule ... Cost of the course ... & How to register

Modules This course involves two 2-hour Modules [4 hours to complete the course]
Schedule Modules are scheduled to best fit with employees’ availability.
Cost The course fee is $190.00 for each of 10 or more participants [Cdn. currency, all taxes included] which covers class instruction plus all materials outlined in “What’s a webinar?” (above).

How to learn more … and then register your employees for the benefits of
“Self-Affirming Communication” ...

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