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June 18th, 2024     

Module 1: Mastering Stress, Change and Uncertainty

Stress and pressure are facts of life, especially in turbulently changing business life. From the shop floor to the boardroom, our research shows that those who thrive and make a difference, creating win-win benefits ... for themselves and for their companies ... do so by consistently applying these skills:

Mastering Stress, Change and Uncertainty empowers you to ...
  • Have energy on-tap all day by self-pacing ... matching energy output to each situation’s priority
  • Shift gears emotionally as you move from one task to the next
  • Maintain an optimist~winner mindset, while avoiding the pessimist~victim traps of worklife change
  • Maintain focus and concentration … and regain it quickly after frustrations
  • Take responsibility for having “a good day at work”, ensuring that your satisfactions outweigh daily stress
  • Understand, in practical terms, how everyone can be affected by “str-ange” conditions at work (stress + change = str-ange)
  • Develop a focused, motivating self-portrait of yourself dealing successfully with the challenges of change
  • Make the choices, and take the actions which make your portrait a productive reality
  • Restore feelings of control quickly
  • Eliminate or streamline unnecessary stress triggers out of your work
  • Accept and adapt to the stressors which “go with the territory”
  • Break free of wheel-spinning worry … and the rumour mill
  • Turn off the awfulizing self-talk that often accompanies changes at work
  • Unwind from work pressures for more enjoyable family and re-creation experiences
"Making change Successful" ... the four course modules
  1. Mastering Stress, Change and Uncertainty
  2. Creating the Win’s of Change
  3. Working Win-Win
  4. Win-Win Problem Solving — Full Engagement
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