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June 18th, 2024     

Module 2: Creating the Win’s of Change

Work satisfaction is largely self-created ... or it doesn’t happen. When developed and then practiced as an active life skill, the satisfaction ... the “wins” ... we find in work can quite quickly be increased by 30+%. This directly supports such workforce indicators as rising levels of customer service, quality, and engagement retention of key staff. Those 13% of today’s staff who have already mastered self-satisfaction create these win-win benefits through consistent practice of the following skills.

Creating the Win’s of Change empowers you to ...
  • Be self-motivating, now being aware of your personal work “satisfiers” and of how to bring them more frequently and fully into your daily duties
  • Take a more active role in your performance appraisal process ... getting the recognition you want
  • Take greater and more flexible initiative in planning and managing your career, since you now know quite clearly what you personally want from your work
  • Stay on task more consistently, focusing on the specific satisfiers each task offers you personally
  • Let go of the “old workplace”, the old satisfiers, and of “how things used to be better around here”
  • Know how to identify the new satisfiers available to you in the new changed workplace
  • Take action to connect with your work satisfiers, more fully, more often
  • Actively focus on and en-joy satisfaction experiences as they occur
  • Ensure your satisfiers add-up, creating a more positive evaluation of “what I’m getting back from my work” ... a 30+% more positive sense of personal payback from work efforts
  • Use “Solutions” self-talk, plus visualization methods to stay on track, investing time and energy in satisfying, not self-defeating habits
  • Maintain a satisfying work~life balance within the time and scheduling demands of success at work
"Making change Successful" ... the four course modules
  1. Mastering Stress, Change and Uncertainty
  2. Creating the Win’s of Change
  3. Working Win-Win
  4. Win-Win Problem Solving — Full Engagement
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