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June 18th, 2024     

Module 3: Working Win-Win

In meeting today’s complex work challenges, effective solutions are rarely off-the-shelf or solo creations. “Teamwork” may no longer involve only the members of “my team” but also unfamiliar partners, venues and tasks as required by the challenge at hand. Those who contribute best are those who seek and enjoy collaborating flexibly, skillfully creating all-win benefits for themselves, their partners and customers, and for the company ...

Working Win-Win empowers you to ...
  • Consistently pursue your own work satisfaction in a manner which fits with and supports the work satisfaction of other team members
  • Apply a powerful 3-step communications method for defusing conflict and misunderstandings
  • Be proactive to identify early those specific work or communication processes which may be creating lose-lose outcomes ... for your work, for other team members, and for team targets
  • Constructively focus on facts to clarify whether a lose-lose pattern is actually in play
  • Then itemize the specific lose-lose outcomes you see may as resulting
  • Take the initiative to sketch, working with others affected, the specific win-win solution which would bring lose-lose costs under control … supporting improved team operations
  • Be motivated to bring your win-win proposals to your manager’s attention for discussion in a constructive, actionable manner
  • Take initiative to frame and “market” (to your manager and co-workers) win-win proposals for changing specific lose-lose stumbling blocks and stressors
  • Share in the responsibility for implementing, testing and tracking the benefits of such solutions
  • Be aware, in practical terms, of the “strengths I bring to my work” ... strengths which will support not only team deliverables but also a “good place to work” team climate
  • Find ways to match your strengths flexibly to the evolving needs of your team
"Making change Successful" ... the four course modules
  1. Mastering Stress, Change and Uncertainty
  2. Creating the Win’s of Change
  3. Working Win-Win
  4. Win-Win Problem Solving — Full Engagement
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