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May 18th, 2024     

Our "Making Change Successful" suite of courses for work teams

... ensuring corporate changes take root & deliver planned results ...

Introductory focus... Every team, and team member, presents a unique profile of strengths and of vulnerabilities in meeting the challenges of change. Leveraging strengths, and turning vulnerabilities into growth opportunities are central in making your companyís changes take root and, then, actually succeed.

Our Corporate Vital Signs profile enables you confidently to do just that. By profiling where your company and its teams stand on stress, satisfaction and engagement in their work, we partner with you to design exactly the right strategy for staff and team development. Together, we ensure a change-able, performance culture which shows up at corporate top and bottom lines.

We invite you to evaluate these four courses as a flexible, scalable menu of empowering resources ...
  • to ensure that your staff have the resilience, motivation and engagement
  • to move your change initiatives from hopeful plans to solid results
We work with you to ensure...

Diagnostics, Training & Team Development

"Making change Successful" ... the four course modules
  1. Mastering Stress, Change and Uncertainty
  2. Creating the Winís of Change
  3. Working Win-Win
  4. Win-Win Problem Solving — Full Engagement

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